28 November 2016 thibaut

Chestnut and Acacia Stakes

Our stakes are manufactured with rot-proof hard wood having an incredible natural durability.

No chemical preservatives are needed for Chestnut and Acacia. This is very important, because stakes can be continued or permanently exposed to the ground or a humid environment. That’s why these hard woods are commonly used in stakes’ manufacturing.

Our wooden stakes can be round or cleft (less expensive and durable), pointed and debarked (aesthetic and easy to use). They are recommended for:

  • agriculture
  • vineyards
  • farming
  • garden, yards and parks
  • playgrounds
  • pontoons
  • dams
Chestnut Acacia

Length (m)

1,60 m – 3,00 m *

1,80 m – 2,50 m

Diameter (cm)

8 cm – 18 cm or Cleft

7 cm – 10 cm or Cleft

*For Chestnut, we have also the possibility to make special productions below 1,60 m and above 3,00 m, up to 6,00 m depending on customer request and stock.

For any special demand in terms of length and finishing, we will be pleased to help you to find a solution that better fits to your requirements.
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