28 November 2016 thibaut

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Our proactive environmental approaches propose a full solution for our by-products. Mulch, firewood… nothing goes away.


Barks can be used:

  • As mulch to put hedges in
  • For creating green spaces
  • As biomass for energy production
By-products from stakes’ pointing process can be used as biomass or wood chips for pulp and paper production.


Recycling our stakes’ offcuts into firewood guarantee optimal energy recovery.

  Chestnut Acacia
Longueur Length < 50 cm
(Round and Cleft mixed)
Length < 50 cm
(Round and Cleft mixed)

*Quantity break-up pricing

  • Available in bulk (m³) direct supply from the saw mill
  • It can be delivered by 15 m³, 20 m³, 30 m³, 37 m³

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