28 November 2016 thibaut

Products from forestry

French forest diversity offers a wide range of wood qualities. Forestry represents 40 % of our wood supply in the saw mill. We optimize Chestnut coppice and standing hardwoods by harvesting timber in the appropriate dimensions for each product.

Dune stakes

Dune stakes can be used for:

  • Dunes’ stabilization
  • Soil recovery
  • Dam river stabilization
  • Foundations
Standard lengths are available from 3,00 m up to 6,00 m. We can produce special dimensions under request.
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Oak or Chestnut firewood

Chestnut Oak

1,00 m

Bulk round wood

Bundle round wood

2,00 m

Bulk round wood

  • Delivered by trucks on a multiple of 50 steres
  • Available roadside per stere

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