28 November 2016 thibaut

Wooden Fence Trellis

Cleft poles Flat wood laths
Height (m) 0,5 à 2,00 m 0,5 à 2,00 m
Gap (cm) 2 à 13 cm 2 à 13 cm
Wooden Fence Trellis are manufactured with rot-proof hard wood amazingly strong, durable and long lastin.

Wooden Fence Trellis is used for a very long time in countryside of Charente. It is made with Chestnut, a naturally rot resistant hard wood specie. Durability is the essential advantage of this product.

Wooden Fence Trellis is very suitable for:

  • dune belts
  • yards, gardens and parks
  • separate spaces
  • creating green spaces
  • fence uneven grounds
  • decor, etc.

It is manufactured with:

  • cleft poles
    Treillage bois
  • flat wood laths
    Treillage bois
Latticing is done depending on customers request and it’s possible to custom the orders according to the height and the gaps between cleft poles/laths.
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